Wounds, whether minor or severe, are a part of life. The process of wound healing is intricate and influenced by various factors. Based on national statistics, approximately 5 million Americans suffer from chronic wounds each year, with over a million new cases reported annually. Chronic wounds are those that resist healing or take an extended time to do so. These wounds can be attributed to various conditions, including diabetes and circulatory problems. OakBend has emerged as a beacon of hope for those grappling with chronic wounds, offering state-of-the-art therapy and advanced wound healing technology. This article explores the factors that contribute to faster wound healing, what worsens wounds, and the groundbreaking Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment offered at OakBend’s Wound Care Center.

Factors That Aid Wound Healing

Wound healing is a complex process that involves several stages, and certain factors can significantly influence its speed and success. Proper wound care practices can expedite the healing process and minimize the risk of complications. Factors that contribute to faster wound healing include increased oxygen delivery to wounded or injured tissue, greater blood vessel formation, enhanced wound healing speed, preservation of damaged tissue, and the elimination of toxic substances from the wound3. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, offered at OakBend’s Wound Care Center, harnesses these principles to provide a cutting-edge solution to patients.

Factors That Prevent Wound Healing

While proper wound care can facilitate healing, several factors can hinder the process. Poor blood circulation, infections, smoking, uncontrolled diabetes, and inadequate nutrition are some common factors that worsen wound healing. Understanding these factors is crucial in managing wounds effectively and preventing complications. By addressing these factors, individuals can take proactive steps to promote better wound healing and overall well-being.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for Wounds

OakBend takes wound care to the next level with its revolutionary Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. This advanced therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber, thereby increasing the oxygen levels in the bloodstream. The benefits of this treatment are manifold:

  1. Increased Oxygen Delivery: Elevated oxygen levels in the blood stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms.
  2. Blood Vessel Formation: The treatment promotes the growth of new blood vessels, enhancing circulation to the wound site.
  3. Speedier Wound Healing: Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment accelerates the body’s repair processes, expediting wound closure.
  4. Preservation of Tissue: By supplying ample oxygen, damaged tissues are better preserved, minimizing the risk of complications.
  5. Toxin Elimination: The treatment aids in eliminating toxic substances from the wound area, creating an optimal environment for healing.

OakBend’s Commitment to Excellence

OakBend is at the forefront of wound care innovation, offering not only scientifically proven treatment protocols but also a compassionate approach to patient care. Our specialized Wound Care Center caters to a range of wounds, including Diabetic Ulcers, Pressure Ulcers, Bone Infections, Gangrene, Post-Operative Infections, Non-Healing Surgical Wounds, Vascular Ulcers, and even Radiation Burns. This comprehensive approach ensures that patients receive tailored treatment that addresses their unique needs.


The journey of wound healing is influenced by various factors, both internal and external. By understanding what accelerates wound healing and what impedes it, individuals can take informed steps to ensure their wounds heal optimally. For those seeking cutting-edge wound care and a compassionate touch, OakBend’s Wound Care team is readily available to offer the personalized care you deserve.

How to Schedule Your Appointment

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