Accessing your health information is easier than ever with FollowMyHealth. See a quick health summary and track your health results through our new patient portal. Your health summary from OakBend Medical Center may include the following: x-rays, clinical diagnosis, histories of present illnesses, immunizations, allergies, prescription drug information, laboratory results, diagnostic screening and testing, clinical procedures, medical research, clinical trials, billing, account, and insurance information.

OakBend Medical Center must have a copy of your ID and a signed consent on file before approving connection.
This must be completed within two weeks of initial sign up with the patient portal.

Our portal is for non-emergency, routine needs only. For help with the portal, call our help line at (281) 341-2851 (M-F 8am-5pm CST).
The portal does not process hospital communication such as appointment reminders or pharmacy requests. Please contact your provider for those requests.