Thank you for choosing OakBend Medical Center for your healthcare needs. Charges for medical services are divided into three (3) primary parts and are billed separately by the providers listed below.

Hospital Charges

It is the hospital’s policy to collect payment at the time of service. If you are unable to pay the balance due at the time of service, we will gladly discuss a monthly payment plan. If you have insurance that was not provided at the time of service, please call with your insurance information and we will file an insurance claim for your services. If your insurance does not pay, you are ultimately responsible for payment on your medical services.
To fulfill its mission, OakBend has a financial assistance program for patients with a demonstrated inability to pay for services. Financial assistance criteria are based on the family’s income, the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines, and OakBend’s Financial Assistance Policy. For any billing questions related to hospital services, please contact the OakBend Patient Accounts Department by calling 281-341-4816.

Physician Charges

All services performed by a physician, such as emergency room services, diagnostic procedures, hospital visits, etc., will be billed to you directly by the physician. These charges are NOT included in your hospital bill. Please contact the physician’s office directly for questions about your doctor’s bill. These physicians may be out-of-network for your insurance plan.

Professional Services

Various physicians in diagnostic specialization, such as Radiology, Pathology, and Cardiology may also be involved in your healthcare. When your physician orders laboratory services, x-rays, EKG, or other tests, these specialists will review your test results and bill you directly for their services. These physicians may be out-of-network for your insurance plan.
If you have questions about any of the bills you receive, please contact the provider listed directly on the statement you receive. For convenience, some of the provider contact numbers are listed below.






Phone Number

OakBend Medical Center Customer Service 281-341-4816 / 281-341-2843
Anesthesiology US Anesthesia Partners 866-556-4004
Pathology (Lab) Brown and Associates 713-559-6920
ER Physician Rose-Rich EM Physicians 877-846-7925 (Jackson Street) / 877-846-7625 (Williams Way)
Radiology (X-Ray) West Houston Radiology 888-268-8448 / 281-206-9050
Neonatology Sunrise Neonatal Associates 281-980-0433