Studies show that the longer you are waiting to receive care, the worse your outcomes are. That is why we are home to the only No Wait Hospital Emergency Room in the Greater Houston Area. OakBend Medical Center’s three Emergency Care Centers feature physicians with advanced training in trauma life support skills and nurses with advanced training in trauma nursing core curriculum and pediatric care. The dedicated nursing staff is credentialed in ACLS, PALS, TNCC, and ENPC. The Emergency Care Centers are affiliated with local nursing schools to provide clinical rotations for RN and EMT students of all levels. Our air ambulance has transfer agreements in place with several Texas Medical Center hospitals for the care of severely injured trauma patients and pediatric patients.

Our skilled staff places the highest priority on bringing our patients evidence-based treatments in a setting where they are confident that we are capable and meticulous. A National Institute of Medicine report suggested that patients should receive care based on the best available scientific knowledge and care that is centered on their individual needs, a concept we instill in every one of our employees. We foster stable and trusting relationships between our patients and our staff during the short time they visit us in the emergency room. The very nature of healthcare is not just another service industry—it is fundamentally characterized by people taking care of other people in times of need and stress.

At any of our three Emergency Care Centers, we take you to a treatment room immediately after a quick registration. You will never spend time in waiting room delaying care that could save your life. Patients want to be assured that not only are they getting the quickest possible care, but that the medical attention they receive is top-quality and thorough. We guarantee both.

As your neighbors and friends, we are the ones who commit to take care of you during your most fearful and stressful moments. We are the only No-Wait Hospital Emergency Room in the Greater Houston Area, which means we provide quick access to quality and evidence-based healthcare to the people who deserve it most: everyone.