OakBend Medical Group’s Dr. James R. McClamroch has retired after 37 years of practice as a cardiologist with OakBend. McClamroch was inspired to become a physician by his interest in science, biology, and the desire to have relationships with people while having a positive impact on their lives and health. Despite not having any other physicians in his family, they were all very encouraging and supportive of him in his endeavors.
At his retirement party, thrown by the OakBend Medical Group and attended by board members, colleagues and staff, Dr. McClamroch stated, “I’m speechless. To have folks that have meant so much to me over the years and I’ve depended on in this hospital and doing what we all do which is to care for patients, it means so much to me to have you hear to wish me well. I am a quiet and introverted person and not used to being in the spotlight but it does mean a lot and I appreciate it. It’s a two-way street and what we do in health care and caring for patients is never a single person, it takes teamwork with all of my colleagues, medical staff and the clinical departments, case managers and administration. It takes all of us to achieve what we need to achieve and the thanks is mine being able to take care of my patients with your help. You are thanking me but that works both ways and the gratitude is mine. It’s been a great ride and we’ve had some ups and downs like in any career, but for the most part I feel very good about what we have accomplished and I am going to miss all of you. Great days are ahead for all of us.”
After his retirement, Dr. McClamroch plans to spend time with his family, his three grandchildren and to read, travel and possibly take up a new hobby. He is also open to doing some volunteer work part time, either in or out of health care.
Dr, McClamroch received the Physician of the Year Award in 2014. The award is an honor given annually to one outstanding physician who possesses significant practice experience, compassion, kindness and sincerity that translate not only to their patients, but to their nurses and other staff members that work closely with them.

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