Doctor And PatientJoint replacement is a surgical procedure in which the damaged or worn surfaces of the joint are removed and replaced with artificial parts. Traditionally joint replacement surgeries were invasive and painful and required patients to remain in the hospital for many days while recovering. The surgery used to require cutting through muscles and tendons causing longer recovery periods. Thanks to new techniques and technology the whole process can now take place in one day, allowing the patient to return home a few hours after surgery.
Who is a good candidate for same-day joint replacement surgery?
Same-day joint surgery is not for everyone. An orthopedic surgeon will meet with the patient to determine if same-day joint replacement surgery is appropriate. Age, health, previous complications, treatments already attempted, as well as the state of the affected joint will all be determining factors that will play a part in this decision. Elderly or disabled patients may need to stay in the hospital for a few days after surgery. Patients that have severe bone loss around the joint or a prior history of surgery to the joint are generally not eligible for same-day surgery.
If the orthopedic surgeon determines the patient is a good candidate for a same-day joint replacement surgery, they may require the patient to obtain clearance from their primary care physician prior to surgery.
Benefits of a same-day joint replacement surgery
Less pain – Smaller incisions improve healing time, cause less scarring and involve a smaller amount trauma to the surrounding tissues which decreases post-operative pain. Additionally, pain management techniques have changed. Traditionally, managing pain after surgery was done with only narcotics. Narcotics can be addictive and cause nausea for many patients, slowing their recovery. Today, physicians can utilize nerve blocks, injections into and around the joint as well as many non-narcotic medications to help with pain after surgery.
Decreased hospital stay – Same-day joint replacement surgeries utilize minimally invasive techniques which involves minimal blood loss and shorter recovery times. The best part is that the patient can go home the same day they have they surgery.
Increased range of motion after surgery – Many individuals have very significant pain relief and improvement in function and lifestyle after a same-day surgery.
Decrease in cost – A shorter hospital stay means a cheaper surgical expense.
Increased patient satisfaction – According to this study, “Patients and their families consistently rate their experience as more pleasant at an outpatient surgery center.”
Recovery from a same-day joint replacement surgery
A physical therapy regimen will be prescribed for patients after undergoing joint replacement surgery. This will help the joint heal and help the patient to regain mobility and function. Most patients can expect to be back to their normal activities within three to six weeks after a same-day surgery and can return to spots within six to ten weeks.
Same day joint replacement surgery in Houston
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