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Services Offered

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OakBend Physical Therapy – Braeburn located in Southwest Houston, TX is a multi-faceted entity that services the physical therapy and rehabilitation needs of Harris County, Fort Bend County, Brazoria county and surrounding areas. Specifically, we specialize in Physical Therapy for anyone with increased pain, decreased mobility, and declining function. We offer neck and back pain management, post-operative rehabilitation, Work related or Auto related injury management, chronic pain management, and sports related injury management. In addition, we offer functional capacity evaluations, pre and post employment assessments, obesity management, preventative services, return-to-work programs, ergonomic assessments, body fat composition measurement/testing, and sports rehabilitation for area schools.
Our core is management of back, neck, shoulder, knee and foot related injuries; this is our forte and no one does it better. As licensed physical therapists we are experts in musculoskeletal type injuries, illnesses, and ailments.
We offer very selective services that make us the best choice for your physical therapy needs:
• Free Transportation within a 5 mile radius to our clinics
• Languages: Our staff is fluent in Spanish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Filipino, and others


8323 Southwest Freeway, Suite #651

Houston, Texas 77074
Phone: (832) 333-3360
Extended hours: Open 7:00 am – 6:30 pm Monday – Friday
Weekend hours: Open on Saturdays for your convenience