Services Offered:

  • Work Hardening
  • Industrial Rehabilitation

OakBend Industrial Rehab is committed to assisting the injured worker through the establishment of specific functional goals thus enabling an expeditious and safe return to work. An individualized work conditioning/work hardening program developed by trained and licensed clinicians, will maximize each worker’s ability to attain job specific goals and will reduce and prevent injury within the workplace through the worker’s use of appropriate lifting and work skills. We will address any vocational and psychological barriers presented by our clients as well as part of the work hardening program. Additionally, we offer employers with effective prevention of occupationally-induced injuries through post-offer screenings and fit-for-duty testing. Ultimately, these efforts will reduce healthcare costs incurred by the employer.
Work Conditioning and Work Hardening Programs:
Work Conditioning and Work Hardening Programs are designed for patients who were injured on the job and are in need of specialized return to work rehabilitation. A Work Hardening Program is a minimum of two hours to a maximum of eight hours per visit typically for 80-160 total hours. A patient is a Work Hardening candidate if they have a targeted job to return to and are demonstrating behavioral and/or vocational barriers to return to work in addition to their physical and functional limitations. The program will include stretching, strengthening, cardiovascular endurance training, group psychological counseling, vocational assistance if needed, and job-specific work-simulation tasks. A patient is a candidate for a Work Conditioning Program if they are not demonstrating vocational or behavioral barriers to return to work. These patients may or may not have a targeted job to return to. This program is a minimum of two hours and a maximum of four hours per visit typically for 15-30 total hours. The program will include stretching, strengthening, cardiovascular endurance training, general work-simulated activities and instruction in proper body mechanics, lifting safety, work simplification and ergonomics.
Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE):
A FCE is an evaluation individualized to the job-specific physical demands of each injured worker. This evaluation will assist the therapist in determining baseline physical and functional abilities and limitations in establishing an individualized work hardening/conditioning program. Evaluation components may include but are not limited to:

  • Thorough History of Mechanism of Injury and Chief Complaints
  • Analysis of Physical Job Demands
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance Testing
  • ROM and Sensory Testing
  • Cardiovascular Endurance Testing
  • Pinch and Grip Strength Testing
  • Assessment of Standing, Walking and Sitting Tolerance
  • Assessment of Tolerance to Sustained Positioning (kneeling, squatting, overhead reach, etc.)
  • Material and Non-Material Handling
  • Climbing Tolerance

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