The Only No Wait Emergency Rooms in Fort Bend County

Studies show that the longer you are waiting to receive care, the worse your outcomes are. That is why we are home to the only no wait emergency room in the Fort Bend County area. OakBend Medical Center’s three emergency care centers and walk in clinics in Fort Bend County feature physicians with advanced training in trauma life support skills and nurses with advanced training in trauma nursing core curriculum and pediatric care. The dedicated nursing staff is credentialed in ACLS, PALS, TNCC, and ENPC. The emergency care centers and walk in clinics are affiliated with local nursing schools to provide clinical rotations for RN and EMT students of all levels. Our air ambulance has transfer agreements in place with several Texas Medical Center hospitals for the care of severely injured trauma patients and pediatric patients in the Fort Bend County area.

The No Wait Emergency Room Process

At any of our three no wait emergency rooms in Fort Bend County, we take you to a treatment room immediately after a quick registration. You will never spend time in a waiting room delaying care that could save your life. Patients want to be assured that not only are they getting the quickest possible care, but that the medical attention they receive is top-quality and thorough. We guarantee both.

Emergency Care Centers

• Jackson Street Hospital Emergency Center
• Williams Way Hospital Emergency Center
• Wharton Hospital Emergency Center

Emergency Care Center Features

• Level IV Trauma Center at the Jackson Street and Williams Way Hospital Campuses
• Emergency Medicine Certified
• Stroke Certified
• STEMI Program (STEMI, which stands for ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction, is the most dangerous type of heart attack involving a sudden blockage of one of the three coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart)
• Only permanently-based air ambulance in Fort Bend County provided by PHI Air Medical


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Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room
• Types of Emergencies

Hear From Patients:

“On a Friday evening at Kroger, I experienced a seizure and was taken by ambulance to OakBend. After about twenty minutes of being there, I regained consciousness and the staff began to explain what was going on. They were all very caring individuals and were really nice to my family. They were also there for anything I needed. It was helpful to have people to calm my mind in this situation. When you think about hospitals, you think about ER visits taking forever and lots of paperwork, but that was not the case here. I had a good experience with everyone at OakBend and would recommend them to anyone.” – Juan A.

“I came to OakBend because I had developed a kidney stone. I had an appointment with my doctor at 10:00 that Wednesday morning. At 5:00 I woke up and couldn’t take the pain anymore, and so I came here because it was the closest and most convenient emergency room. We have several emergency centers around, but this was my first choice. And I think it was a blessing, because when they did the CT scan for the kidney stone, they also discovered an ovarian mass that turned out to be ovarian cancer. But it was caught so early because of the scan that they had done that I was able to have my ovaries removed and I have no residual effects from the cancer. So I’m truly blessed that they were here.” – Katrina C.

“From beginning to end it was probably the easiest thing to go through even though it was the most horrific. From step to step to step it was effortless for us. No problems with insurance, no problems getting a doctor here, no problems getting her into the ER. The ER staff was amazing making sure Olivia was taken care of and calm. They kept coming in and checking on Olivia making sure she was okay and asking if I needed anything or if I had any questions. For such a scary situation and not being able to be in control as a mother, everyone at this hospital put me and my husband at ease.” – Lori Y., mother of patient

“It was my second visit, I had been there previously and had a great experience that time, so we chose to go back because it’s close by. The no wait is a big priority for me because we have a little one at home so the faster I can get in and the faster I can hopefully get out, the better. We walked in and were greeted by a very nice lady who was working the front desk, we gave her our information and what was going on. We didn’t even sit down; we were taken back right away and greeted by a nurse who was also awesome and very welcoming. Within 15 minutes, they had already started an IV, I was already getting fluids, I had already received some medication to start feeling better, and the doctor was in right away also to give me a rundown of what they were going to do and how they were going to treat me and hopefully get me home pretty quickly, which is what they did. “ – Liz B.


OakBend Emergency Care Center

Jackson Street Hospital Campus
1705 Jackson Street, Richmond, TX 77469
Phone: 281-341-3000

OakBend Emergency Care Center

Williams Way Hospital Campus
22003 SW Freeway, Richmond, TX 77469
Phone: 281-341-2000

OakBend Emergency Care Center

Wharton Hospital Campus
10141 US Hwy 59 Rd, Wharton, TX 77488
Phone: 281-344-5000