conversationWhen someone is suffering from a mental health condition it can be difficult to locate the right type of help. Finding the right mental health professional is one of the first and most important steps to recovery. There are many types of mental health professionals that can help individuals pinpoint issues and aid them in developing effective strategies and techniques to resolve them. The specific issue or disability an individual is facing will determine the type of professional they should seek. This article will provide information on the many types of mental health professionals and what conditions they can help treat.
Psychiatrist – Psychiatrists are licensed doctors who are dedicated to providing treatment and care for individuals suffering from mental disorders. They can treat a large variety of mental illnesses ranging from mild and temporary to severe and chronic. Psychiatrists usually work in hospitals, private practices and mental health institutions. In addition to diagnosing mental health conditions and providing counseling, psychiatrists can also prescribe medications to their patients.

Psychiatric nurse
– Psychiatric nurses specialize in mental health. These nurses operate under the supervision of a medical doctor and they can provide assessment, diagnosis, and therapy. Psychiatric nurses are also qualified to prescribe medications in some states, including Texas.
Psychologist – Psychologists treat a range of mental health issues from counseling, to relationship problems to mental illnesses. Psychologists usually work in schools, hospitals and private practices. Psychologists need Doctoral degrees but cannot prescribe medications in most states.
Addiction counselor – An addiction counselor’s role is to provide unbiased emotional support for addicts that are undergoing a treatment program. They will conduct one-on-one counseling sessions to help individuals identify their triggers and establish what exactly caused them to turn to drugs or alcohol. Addiction counselors will also work to develop a treatment plan for each individual and encourage them to get their family members involved in their addiction treatment.
Family and marriage counselor – Family and marriage counselors specialize in relationship problems and other common issues that can come up in families. Treatment with these counselors is temporary, just as long as it takes to find a resolution. Married couples often see marriage counselors one-on-one or in group sessions to help settle differences and arguments.
Psychoanalyst – Psychoanalysts can help individuals who are struggling with longstanding issues with how think and feel about themselves, the world, and their external relationships. Psychoanalysis is based on the work of Sigmund Freud and involves the study of the unconscious mind. Instead of focusing on the symptoms, psychoanalysts focus on the why’s and how’s of mental health issues. Psychoanalysis has many critics but some believe that exploring deep psychosocial and emotional issues can create a pattern of behavior that the client many not consciously know.
Psychotherapist – Psychotherapy, like counseling, involves a healing relationship between a psychotherapist and a client. It is a type of “talking therapy.” Generally, psychotherapy is longer than counseling and instead of helping with one specific issue, it considers overall patterns of behavior, chronic issues and recurrent feelings. Psychotherapy is not a licensed profession in Texas and it does not require specific training or educational requirements.
Social Worker – Social workers specialize in helping individuals, families, and groups of people to cope with problems they are facing. These problems can be personal issues or disabilities. Social workers provide direct counseling for patients, families and groups. They also perform many other tasks such as referring clients to community resources, family placement, case management, addressing legal issues such as providing testimony relating to their patients, or solving family disputes that involve domestic violence or child abuse.
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