OakBend Medical Center’s Jack & Billie Wendt Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit in Fort Bend County is specially designed with the elderly in mind. The unit takes a multi-disciplinary approach involving a Geriatrician, Dietitian, Physical Therapists, Pharmacist, Case Manager, and trained Nurse Manager to provide a specialized care environment for the elderly that promotes a home-like feel, encourages family involvement and decreases length of stay.

We at OakBend Medical Center are greatly saddened by the loss of philanthropist and community leader Billie Wendt. In 1988, Mrs. Wendt was the first and only woman appointed to serve as a life member on the Polly Ryon Hospital Board of Trustees since Mrs. A.P George in 1950. Always gracious and a true Southern Lady, she and her husband’s generosity throughout the years brought numerous improvements in Fort Bend County, including OakBend Medical Center. Their donations allowed us to make major improvements to our Fort Bend County based Acute Care for the Elderly Unit. To honor the lifetime of support that was shown to the hospital, the ACE Unit was renamed to the Jack and Billie Wendt Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit. Read Billie Wendt’s obituary here.

Physical Environment

The physical environment is very different from most Acute Care for the Elderly Units outside of Fort Bend County, including non-glare wood-look flooring, modern furnishings, handrails, indirect lighting, and a warm, non-institutional color palette. With an open floor plan, the patients’ families can interact with the patient during their physical therapy sessions, which are held in the open common area. A lower nurse’s station allows for better communication and interaction between the clinical caregivers and the patients and their families. The communal dining room also enhances the patients’ experience as they are able to eat with their families and other patients three times a day.

Patient Benefits

Fort Bend County patients in this ACE unit will benefit from the specific protocols that enhance the recovery process for the elderly. Ambulation is a key component in this process. More specifically, patients experience multiple physical therapy sessions a day, including a group session in the common area. Meals are served in the communal dining area three times a day, allowing for patients to get out of bed and interact with others.


Hear From Patients

“I’m amazed with the courtesy of your nursing staff. They were so prompt each time I needed help. I was impressed with the fact that I ate my meals outside of my room in the ACE Unit dining area and could socialize with other patients.” – Ray L

“Every time I come now, I ask about a room on the ACE Unit. The ACE Unit is like a family. They treat you good and it’s like a big home here.” –Clarence S

“Jacob is friendly, caring, professional, and always ready to help. He is thoughtful and has the same demeanor all of the time. Excellent for patient care.” –ACE Patient

“Sheba is the best. She is always smiling and she treats me with so much love and caring person. She is always happy and that is something that brightens my day. She sits and talks with you. Makes you feel right at home. 3rd Floor as a lot of AWESOME nurses!” – ACE Patient

“Jennifer made my dad smile–the first time since he’s been here. Exercise and getting up and moving is so important to him. Thanks for this ACE unit and getting folks moving!” – Family of ACE Patient


OakBend Acute Care for the Elderly Unit

Jackson Street Hospital Campus
1705 Jackson Street, 3rd Floor
Richmond, TX 77469

Phone: 281-341-3000