A Community-Minded Group of Physicians

OakBend Medical Group is a multi-specialty group in the heart of Fort Bend County, the fastest growing county in the United States.  These professionals collaborate and work together to deliver comprehensive medical care to patients. We encompass a variety of  specialties including OB/GYN, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, General Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, General Surgery and Orthopedics.

Our focus is to provide quality service and compassion to the community and surrounding areas.

OakBend Medical Group has the ability to facilitate collaboration and coordination among healthcare providers. Physicians within the group can consult and share expertise, leading to enhanced patient care and better health outcomes. This collaborative approach often includes regular meetings, case discussions, and sharing of best practices.

OakBend Medical Group strives to provide continuity of care by offering a team-based approach. Patients can establish long-term relationships with their primary care physician within the group, who coordinates their healthcare needs and refers them to specialists when necessary. This coordinated care can improve communication, reduce gaps in care, and ensure a comprehensive approach to patients’ health.

We provide convenience for patients by offering multiple services under one roof. This integrated approach can save patients time and effort in accessing necessary healthcare services.

OakBend Medical Group is actively engaged with the Fort Bend community through health education programs, health fairs, and community outreach initiatives. We participate in events, offer screenings, and provide educational resources to promote preventive care and overall wellness.

Our team members take great pride in providing excellent, patient-centered care.

OakBend Medical Group is affiliated with OakBend, the only independent nonprofit hospital in Fort Bend County with multiple locations including three hospitals, three emergency centers, five outpatient imaging centers, and seven outpatient surgery departments.